Innovation & Energy Efficiency


ISO 16890
Starting from July 2018, the new ISO 16890 standard comes into force to a full extent and replaces the former standard EN 779:2012. A transitional period, during which both standards are valid, has lasted for 18 months since January 2017. The new ISO 16890 standard defines and describes the equipment, materials, technical specifications, requirements, qualifications and procedures to produce the laboratory performance data and efficiency classification based upon the measured fractional efficiency converted into a particulate matter efficiency (ePM) reporting system. According to this standard, the symbol ePMx describes the efficiency of an air cleaning device to particles with an optical diameter between 0.3 µm and x µm. The following particle size ranges are used in the standard for the listed efficiency values:

Efficiency Size range, µm
ISO coarse >10
ePM10 0,3 ≤ × ≤10
ePM2,5 0,3 ≤ × ≤2,5
ePM1 0,3 ≤ × ≤1

The indicative sizes were selected, as these fine dust particles are the most harmful to people; therefore, the mentioned sizes are used by The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union (EU) to make evaluations of any relevant ambient environment.

Filters, which are tested in compliance with the new ISO 16890 standard, meet the criteria of high quality, efficiency, and sustainability. The filters produced by Technogaja are accredited in independent testing laboratories, thus leading to the optimal performance and satisfaction of customers.

We will bring fresh air in to your life!

Our strength in Air-Filtering Technology Solutions is based on our experience and knowledge which we have gained from dealing with our customer’s needs. Energy savings, Expertise in applications, and Environmental benefits – these Air Filtering Solutions are supported with our company’s professional approach, with the following intelligent advantages: Innovative filter manufacturing technology; engineering and design; Industrialized quality products for better air in our environment.

Innovation & Energy efficiency

Our business concept has proven to be a competitive and intelligent factor in the Air Filtration Solution market. Constant product development and improvements help us provide more value services to our customers.

Energy savings with economic benefits for our customers play a crucial part in our strategic product manufacture and lifespan. Our target is to develop and promote our air filtration solutions to provide the best filter life cycle with the lowest cost. This is well known to our clients thank to constant customer feedback.

Expertise on applications helps us to lean a head over our competition: we are aiming to understand the requirements of the customer’s application to design, engineer and manufacture the best products to comply with the customer’s air handling systems.

Thinking Green

While working with a goal to provide clean air for the final customer, we try not to forget our own surroundings, by being an environmentally friendly company we care about the potential harm of the growing industry. Our philosophy and core competence allows us to maintain the best possible manufacturing processes which lead us to being one of the lowest carbon emission plants in the region. By having an improved performance in energy consumption, along with a low raw wastage – we show our responsibility to the local community. We are also designing and manufacturing our products according to the environmental legislations.