Gazelė 2017

We are happy to announce that our company participated in project Gazelė 2017 organised by Verslo žinios and devoted to small- and medium-size business companies and it is acknowledged as one of the most successfully and fast-growing companies in Lithuania.


It is the 14th time, when the project takes place. This year the adopted selection criteria for the companies became stricter than ever before; in addition, there were some new introduced requirements as well. One of the essential changes is a shorter period during which income of companies was measured – 3 years instead of 4 years. Another significant change is the more precise definition of a ’small- and medium-size’ company; now it is considered to be the one with an annual turnover between 100.000 Eur and 3 mln. Eur. Also, it was decided that a company is not allowed to participate in the project, if it owed Sodra more than 1.000 Eur and State Tax Inspectorate more than 10.000 Eur in 2016. When selecting the qualified companies, such qualitative criteria as trials, asset arrests, publicity, etc. had a high influence as well.


Nearly 4.000 companies were finally qualified in this project, with Technogaja being one of them. We are glad and thus would like to thank very much our employees, business partners and customers in helping to achieve this result.

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