Technogaja will attend the conference “What scientific research does the market really need?


On October 24th UAB “Technogaja” as one of the participants and event partners, will attend the conference “What scientific research does the market really need?”. The main purpose of this conference is to encourage closer collaboration between young researchers and business. The aim of the conference is to make young researchers to better understand of the digital needs of “Future Production Factories” and the ongoing transformation processes.

During the conference, students and their research executives will be provided with knowledge about the digital transformation of factories, the importance of digitization processes, and ways of identifying opportunities for the use of innovative tools.

The conference will also arrange a discussion with business leaders in order to address the typical problems of businesses in the field of digital transformation and the topics that are likely to be relevant. “Technogaja” is one of the invited guests to this discussion.

Students that are seeking a Master’s and Doctor’s degree will be able to adapt their knowledge about digitalization processes learned during the conference at the second stage – the research works of ideas in the competition „Science-for-Business“. We are delighted to be able to contribute to the top 2 authors’ award winning initiatives. The authors of the best ideas will be rewarded with prize-winning sponsors (500 Eur scholarship and a 1000 Eur worth of “Industry 4.0” training basket), and will receive expert recommendations for the practical implementation of the idea in the business enterprise.

We would like to thank the conference organizers for their invitation and evaluation. We are very proud to have the opportunity to collaborate with the brilliant young researcher’s generation and to have the opportunity to advise and encourage them. We have no doubt about the success and inspiration of this conference for young scientists!

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