Extra Services


When working with different companies all over Europe, we have learned to adapt to the customer’s needs and expectations, which is why we can offer valuable additional services such as filter customization: frame typing, special labeling, other modifications; special packaging: personalized box packaging with additional information about the client and etc. We can take care of the product distribution all over Europe – the goods can reach the clients distributors straight from the first hands, no need for additional transportation or warehouse charges.

Filter labeling

The filters can be labeled by the customers demand: company brand and/or logo, address, serial number, bar code and etc.

Custom framing

Personalized filters can be manufactured from color printed frames with the company brand name or logo on the whole frame of the filter. The exquisite look and feel of the filter will prove being the original branded product for the final customer.

Easy insert strips

For better customer experience we can offer Easy Strips. A easy and effective solution for small Air Handling Units when filters have very limited spacing – this makes the filter changing procedure much easier and less time consuming.

We can offer the insert stripes from different types of materials, colors and prints (company logo, details and etc.)

Customized packaging

The goods can be packed in sets of filters, with special packaging by the customers demand (colored boxes with company brand, logo and etc.) plastic bag packaging, cardboard casing and other. This option is most comfortable for Air Handling Unit Manufactures, as this option is commonly used for spare filter kits.We can pack filters into sets to make the filter delivery just as easy. There is a possibility to pack different filter sets in different types of boxes.