Filter Media

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Filters are the most important part in any ventilation and air-conditioning system – they determine that the air purification process filters out the pollutants and heavy particles from the air and helps the ventilation and air-conditioning system to function properly. Depending on the make and model as well as the available installation space, different materials are put to the task to make air purification possible.

TG filter product series can offer the suitable filter medium for your applications to improve the inlet or outlet air quality. High class synthetic fiber non -woven’s combine optimal filtration performance and a long operating life, allowing for a permanently high performance and energy efficient utilization while requiring fewer replacements during the filter lifespan.

Manufactured under professional surveillance and premium quality control, using environmentally friendly processes and without any chemical additives added, easily processable and is legible to meet the requirements of the existing testing standards. The filter class is indicated by the color or by the imprint on the length of the media. All of the filter media’s are approved by EN 779:2012 standards and tested for efficiency in independent institutions.